5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Erica

    Dear kindred spirit – am so proud of you and excited to know that more than your close friends will be able to benefit from the playful wise and deep mix of go get em scrumptious that is you!!
    Much love Erica xxxx

  2. Erica Duthie

    Aunt Beetle,

    Sometimes life seems like a bridge suspended between a really good read or sleep. Okay I may be feeling blue today but on days like this how do you ground yourself and reconnect to wanting to be ‘real world’?

    1. auntbeetle Post author

      I’ve been spending 10 minutes each day standing barefoot in the grass. A lovely masseuse recommended it to me. It turns out there is a whole ‘Earthing’ movement that is about exactly this. Google of course has information on this. But if you are feeling ungrounded don’t go near the computer. And why do you need to get ‘real world’ anyway? Real world is horribly overrated. If a yummy nap is what the body wants then turn off the phone, find a sunny spot and curl up.


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